Uzbek wood carving

Wood is one of the noblest materials nature has given to men. Already at the dawn of history men built houses and household utensils of wood. And it was in those old days that the art of wood - carving began to emerge.

A logical question suggests itself, however: how could this type of decorative art appear in Uzbekistan, a country so poor in forest? The reason was precisely the high value and short-age of wood. The attitude to it was always very attentive, which led to its careful artistic processing.

Wood of the finest varieties of trees is used for wood carving in Uzbekistan: walnut, plane, karagach (a kind of alms) juniper, mulberry, popular and enriched with new forms of household utensils, by a modern interpretation of ornamental motives, the ancient art of wood-carving continues to live on and develop. The use of carved wood in the household embraces a wide range of objects - from furniture to small decorative articles - caskets, needle - cases, book stands, wall plates, which we offer as national Uzbek souvenirs