Uzbek toys and small plastique

The earthenware of small plastique made from clay had been found while archeological digging of the ancient monuments. They depict animals; goats, sheep, horses, dogs, birds. Being allegorized as fantastic images, they combine the features of several creatures; body of an animal, wings of a bird, fish-scale. Those creatures were endued with characteristics of talisman, protector.

In spite of counteractions of official Islamism, these images had been preserved in the artistic memory of the people. Toy-pennywhistles, so called "khushtak", in the 60-ths of XX century had been created by folk masters. Toys of Bukhara mistress Rakhimova from Uba Khamro-buvi vikllage are known far beyond Uzbekistan. These toys had sacral function for protection of future yield. They were given to children, as innocent creatures, in the days of celebrating Navruz. They were running with "khushtaks" along spring fields and orchards, and by whistling threatening evil spirits in order to avoid draught, locust and other adversities destroying yield.

Ceramic toys were also created in other villages of Uzbekistan.

With the time the initial functions of toy whistles had been lost, they became souvenirs. The dynasty of Samarkand ceramic artist Ablakul Mukhtarov in XX century created small plastique, in which they used traditions of ancient art. Ethnographic, full of humor scenes attract tourists visiting Samarkand very much. The most popular image of Mukhtarovs was small dragon "ajdakho". It possessed the attribute of protector.

Talented masters presently are rather successfully dealing with the creation of small ceramic plastique. Creation of various ceramic figurines with the use of ethnographic motives became leading trend of artistic ceramics of Uzbekistan. Images of old men "aksakals", riders on donkeys,animals, grooms and brides, bakers baking bread possess deserved demand from tourists, as the originality of Uzbek land is reflected in them.

China small plastique.

Since the middle of the 80-ths in Uzbekistan the new kind of art appeared in Uzbekistan, staying ajoint of applied and fine arts; artistic Chinaware.

Shakhnoza Muminova is the only artist in Uzbekistan creating small plastique from that material. The theme of her creations is rather various. She creates portraits, poetic images of dancing-girls and poetesses of the Orient, decorative composition consisting of baskets with flowers, functional patterns; powder-boxes and looking-glasses, female bijouterie; pendants, earrings.

Fragility of the material, thinness of jewelry execution of details in the form of thin fingers of images, accuracy of surface processing of Chinaware impart to the creations of Shakhnoza Muminova unusual expression.