Shirgazi-khan Madrassah in Khiva

Shirgazi-khan Madrassah is the oldest in Khiva. It is located to the south from Pahlavan-Mahmud Mausoleum. It was constructed in 1718-1720 after successfu military campaign of Shirgazi-khan (1715-1728) to Khurasan. Since madrassah is located in the break of ancient city wall, its floor is two meters lower than the floor of Pahlavan-Mahmud Mausoleum. Dome building of Shirgazi-khan mausoleum adjoins the madrassah on the west. 

The madrassah is famous for the outstanding poet Mahtumkuli who studied there in the middle of 18th century. His poetic lines "gold book was opened to me here. Forgive me, I am leaving, dear Shirgazi" were devoted to the madrassah.

Buildings of Korikhona adjoin the cemetery of Pahlavan-Mahmud necropolis. These are medieval hostels for Koran readers. Facades of four korikhona together with Akub-bai-khodja Madrassah form the architectural line oriented to the west.

They were constructed in the 19th century and later were used as dwelling for the blind. That's why external walls have no windows.