Islam-Khodja Madrassah in Khiva

Islam-Khodja was the first vizier of Khiva khanate at Muhammad Rahim-khan II (1863-1910) and his son Esfendiyar-khan (1910-1920). He financed construction of ginnery, hospital, pharmacy, post and telegraph office and secular school in Khiva.

In 1908-1910 Islam-Khodja built the ensemble in the southeastern part of Ichan-Qala. It consisted of the smallest in Khiva madrassah and the highest minaret imitating ancient minarets ofthe 11th-12th centuries. The top platform at height of 45 m is the highest observation point in Khiva.

 Horizontal belts of dark blue, white, blue and green glazed mosaic decorate the minaret. Its skylight has a stalactite cornice and ceramic lattices-pandjara.

The small courtyard ofthe madrassah has forty two hudjras. Decor ofthe main facade formed a good background for the minaret: blue and white majolica, tympans and glazed ornament.

 The mosque occupies the southeastern sector of madrassah. Its low heavy dome balances a vertical ofthe minaret. Majolica and carved ganch decorate mihrab niche ofthe mosque.