Monuments in the Fergana Valley
Monuments of Kokand
  • Architectural complex Djami Mosque and Minaret (1814-1817) >>>
  • Architectural complex Dahman-Shakhon (early 19thc.) >>>
  • Palace of Khudoyar-khan, Architectural Complex (1863-70) >>>
  • Gishtlik Mosque (1913)
  • Kamol-Kazy Madrasseh (mid-19thc.)
  • Mulkabad Mosque (1913)
  • Miyen-Hazrat Madrasseh (late 18thc.)

    Monuments of Rishtan

  • Djanahabad Mosque (1912)
  • Hadja llgar Mosque (early 20thc.)

    Monuments of Margilan

  • Complex of pir Saddyk (the middle of the 18thc.)
  • Madrasseh of Said Ahmad Hadja (early 19thc.)
  • Toron bazar Mosque (late 19thc.)
  • Chakar (Sholdirma) Mosque (1911)
  • Mausoleum of Hadja Magiz (1st half of the 18thc.)

    Monuments of Kuva

  • The ancient Settlement of Kuva (1st - 8thc.)   >>>
  • Home of Zainitdin-bey (late 19thc.)


  • Pansot Mosque (1903)
  • Gumbaz Madrasseh (1872)

    Monuments of Andijan

  • Djami Complex: Djami Madrasseh, Mosque and Minaret (late 19thc.)
  • Home of Akhmadbek-hadja (the beginning of the 20thc.)
  • Bogiskamol (Babur museum)

    Monuments of Markhamat

  • The ancient Settlement of Markhamat (3rd- 2ndc. BC - 9thc. AD) (Ming-Tepa)

    Monuments of Namangan

  • The ancient settlement of Akhsykent (2nd-1stc. BC, 20 km West of Namangan, on the bank on the Syr-Darya River)   >>>
  • Mullo Kyrgyz Madrasseh (early 20thc.)
  • Mosque of Ota Valikhan Tur (early 20thc.)
  • Mavlon-Buva Memorial Complex (early 19thc.)
  • Hadja Amin Kabri Architectural Complex (18thc.-19thc.)
  • Sirli Mosque (late 19thc.), a few km South of Namangan
  • Home of Yusup-bey hadja (early 20thc.)

    Monuments of Chust

  • The ancient Settlement of Chust - Bronze Age
  • Architectural Complex of Lutfillo Mavluno (early 20thc.)

    Monuments of Pap

  • The Ancient Settlement of Pap (1st c. BC- 1stc. AD, 7th c.- 8thc.)
  • Chadak Madrasseh and Mosque (19thc.)
  • Mausoleum of Boi-Khamadani (19thc.)

    Monuments of Kasan district

  • The ancient Settlement of Kasan (2nd - 1stc. BC, 6thc. - 7th c. AD)