Kukeldash Madrasseh in Bukhara

Kukeldash Madrasah (1568-69), bordering the Lyabi-hauz, is among the biggest (80 x 60 meters) and most monumental in Central Asia, with over 130 hujras as well as a splendid example of "white interior". The entrance gate is the particular interest, inlay and fixtures are devoid of glue or nails and covered with heraldic ornaments. Kulbala Kukeldash is the name of Khan's foster-brother who was the builder of this structure. 

Nadir Divanbegi, the khan's grand vizier, in about 1620 wanted to build a reservoir in the centre of Bukhara on the site the house of an old woman. When she refused to move he had a canal built below the house, undermining its mud foundations and forcing her to leave. So he then built the reservoir.The beautiful pool is that reservoir. Around it are the Nadi Divanbegi madrasa and khanaga, both dating back to 1620. The madrasa was intended to be a caravanserai, but when he inaugurated it the khan made a mistake and called it a madrasa. Nothing said by him could be undone, so it was converted into a madrasa.